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Janaya Ward

I can’t tell you how perfect the timing was when Cortney came into my world!!! I was becoming increasingly more curious about working with a Breathwork coach as I was aware that there were still parts of me, my energy and emotions that I was unable to get to and block, then she suddenly appeared. Divine timing!  

Cortney took me and allowed me to feel safe to go deep, and I knew that’s what I needed and had been holding myself back from. I strongly believe that her guidance through the power of the breath, had a huge part to play in my world changing!!! Suddenly my world (business and personal) seemed to open up for me in ways I’ve never previously experienced. I hadn’t realized at the time, but I released a HELL of a lot of blocked energy through those sessions and I LOVED every one of them!

Some weeks she’d show me a different type of breathing which allowed me to feel into what worked best for me. Her playlists were always on point too! At the time, I’d waited over 7 years for a larger property - after my 3rd session with Cortney, I’d gone from a 1 bed flat to a 3 bed house!!! 

Then the money started to come in from all angles!!! 

I always said I wanted it to feel like magic, and that’s the EXACT way it started happen and been coming in for me ever since!!! You honestly couldn’t write it.

I only had 4 sessions with Cortney and somewhere within our sessions something shifted for me on a whole next level! Her loving guidance, warmth and undeniable support allowed me to feel held in every way. She’s taught me amazing strategies that’ve helped me to self regulate my nervous system, both within my business and my personal relationships. Now I’m able to walk myself through challenges, emotions with a lot more ease and still have the ability to affirm my safety. I’m truly grateful for everything you’ve done and shown me. You’re a true angel and I know you’re gonna change A LOT of peoples lives with your gift.

Thank you, Cortney 

Benefits of Breathwork

Get out of your head and come home to your body.
Breathwork can help you:


Release stress and reduce anxiety

Recalibrate your nervous system

Process unexpressed and unprocessed emotions

Reconnect to your sensual self

Access your higher power and reclaim your inner authority

Detox the body

Increase your energy 

Experience mental clarity

Reconnect to your divine wisdom and intuition

Nurture a deeper relationship to your body

Release stored trauma and stuck energy in the body

Foster a deeper connection to the Divine, Source, God, The Universe

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About Cortney

Your Breathwork Guide 


With two Breathwork Certifications, from Pause Breathwork and The Sacred Breath Academy, Cortney is here to guide you back to your body. Her passion is guiding you, through the magic of your own breath, to reclaim the parts of yourself that you have lost or disowned and rediscover your sacred divinity so you can live your life fully embodied in your own power, and guided by your deepest inner knowing. 

‚ÄčAfter years of coaching clients with a focus on thinking and action, breathwork has proven to be the somatic missing link for breakthroughs: All the answers are within us, beyond the mind...we just need to be willing to journey there. Our bodies hold the key.

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