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Cortney Chaite is a Certified Holistic Life Design Coach who helps intuitive, spiritual and ambitious women shift out of the struggle of living their lives by default and into creating the life that they truly want to be living. She revolutionizes the typical approach of life and health coaching by identifying the true ROOT causes of their life and health struggles and teaches them how to create empowered belief systems that serve their highest selves so they can create a holistic life by design.

This means that they no longer settle for less than their standard of magnificence, no longer feel disconnected from who they truly are or caught in negative habits, patterns and circumstances that have kept them small and stuck, and they now have the confidence and tools to live the life of their dreams and reach their infinite potential.


Cortney guides women through a multi-step approach to help them touch base with their true, authentic self as a woman and find joyful expression in multiple areas of their lives.

Her expertise comes from years of study with mentors like Regena Thomashaeur and Stacey Martino, experts in teaching how to nurture the innate core feminine to emerge into her natural state of flow and “being” while shifting out of the masculine framework of doing, pushing and constant action.

She lives in Baltimore with her favorite people: her hubby, her 2 kids and her dog (ok, not really a person, but you get the idea). When she's not coaching, she is dancing, singing, reading, gardening or playing outside.